Friday, October 4, 2013

Am I Losing My Mind? Well kinda!

Yes, I am very sorry but it is true. I am losing my mind but not the way that you think.

See I have been married for 52+ years. My husband and I are so in sync that things we see will trigger the same memories or even opinions. We are almost attached at the top of our heads. In fact, I often say that I am not losing my mind...I know where it is all the time. My husband has at least half of it.

Have you ever read about divorced people find that they are missing the half of their brain because the former spouse took it with them? I suppose it could be the reason that separated couples talk to each other a lot at first if they can stand it.

I had a friend once that divorced her husband because he had an affair with the nanny. Her husband married the nanny and laid claim to the children. It seemed he had gotten it all.

Well, almost. He did not get the other half of his brain in the deal. In his wife's brain was the recipe for pancakes, how to wash clothes, make beds and pay the bills. It was very hard for him because the new very young wife was clueless. What the first wife had done on a regular basis, the new wife expected him to do. It would have been funny if it hadn't been so sad. I remember my friend telling me that he would just need to "cowboy up". Life was hard!

One brain...two people! Yikes!
As we grow older, the need for a way to recover that second half of our brain becomes more obvious. But how do we do that? Do we write everything down just in case? Are things like how to access the safe and the password to the online bill paying account that hard to find? 

I am thinking it would be a very good idea to know all those things but when I gave lost half of my mind, I no longer functioned as I once did. I absolutely cannot remember the verbal instructions my husband gave me at all. 

It is becoming painfully evident that we need hard copies of a lot of things. Lists need to be made and we need to talk about our business a lot more...even though we don't like to do that. Who wants to talk about the eventuality we may die or become non-functioning? I don't suppose anyone wants to accept the notion.

It is all good...I am not worried. I know we can get these things done. How about you?


+I think you will find this fascinating. 
Lynne Spreen over at Any Shiny Thing wrote an interesting post called Goodies for You about brain studies and how our brain changes as we age. 

I loved the words she used: Myelination, Positivity, Bi-lateralization and Creativity. 
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