Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When Reality knocks, will you move or buy a chairlift?

I am all about living a positive life and most of my writing reflects my Pollyanna attitude. Playing golf, walking, shopping, travel and pursuing any interest that crosses my mind is the way I would live forever if I could. But when I took a big fall, reality came to call. Facing the truth about my mobility was hard. That is when I began looking into a way to purchase an affordable stairlift.

Look at this beautiful chairlift. (image: Fcerrato)
I had fallen on the golf course here in Arizona and sprained my ankle severely. After I regained my dignity, I visualized what I would do if I had been at home in Oregon and had to navigate the stairs we climbed to get to our bedroom and laundry. What was I going to do about all those stairs if I didn't get well? All I could see was me crawling up and down the steps several times a day. I am not a small woman so my husband definitely could not carry me. (Poor man!) Moving to a new house crossed my mind immediately. But my inner Pollyanna did not fail me. I knew there had to be a way. Then I began to think about how we might be able to find an affordable chairlift that could be installed in our condo. The one I looked at out of the UK even had a possibility that would have suited our curved stairway. It seemed like such a reasonable solution to my problem and did not involve moving out of my home. I don't like to move!

I am in love with gadgets anyway. I even look at the small carts people use to move around here in the RV resort where I spend my winters. Some of those carts are red and have a little fringe here and there.  I kind of want one of those but it is not time...yet. Still they look like fun.

I think this really is all about the stages in our life and facing what we must do with some sort of humor. We didn't need to put the stairlift in but if we had, my grandchildren would have thought I was very cool.  I liked that idea a lot. I could just see the line up by the stairs in my house when we had a family dinner so they could watch me using my new ride. Besides, I think I would look good sitting there.

And I do know that we will be faced with this sort of issue sometime down the road. I feel much better having a plan of action in place.

So, when the wake-up call comes, what will you do? Will you find a way to make that stairlift into a carnival ride? Will you buy a small red shiny golf cart to get around your world? I urge you to hook into your inner Pollyanna and get some fun out it.

Have a wonderful day.


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