Saturday, November 30, 2013

Falling and Fun or Support Your Local Tree Trimmer

Here are a couple more posts about my husband. He is an amazing man.

I'm sure you know that older people fall more than younger ones and it is not a good thing! And the ways people find to fall? Holy cow! It is astounding what humans will do. Some fall because they are doing something a little daring or are not paying attention to the cracks in the sidewalk. There are rugs and cords and door jams and steps. I bet every reader could add to the list.

I fell walking on the golf course a couple of years ago and my neighbor did the same thing last month. We both fell because we stepped in holes covered by long grass. I only sprained my ankle but my neighbor broke himself in several places. Yesterday my husband began telling me about a man that fell out of a deer blind in a tree. Actually, that accident happens many times each year. I should have changed the subject as soon as I saw where it was going.

See, here is the husband and I quarrel about him getting up in trees. He is 75 and in very good health but still, I just don't think he should trim the tree while balancing on a branch. I never did. There are people that make a living climbing tree and cutting off branches. I want them to trim our trees. I am all for supporting the officially bonded tree trimmer in my neighborhood.

Yesterday we took up that very old conversation right where we left off the last time. "Why would you do that?" I keep asking.

He always stands as near to the edge as he can get!
Falling never crosses his mind.
That's when I saw it in my husbands eyes. This man/child I live with, the one that brings stray cats home and can make a bird land on his hand, loves to climb trees! He is having fun doing what he did when he was ten. My husband is proving to himself that he still can clamor around in trees and he is enjoying every minute of it. 

I don't know how this will turn out, I really don't. I am not his mother but still I feel responsible somehow. I will let you know when we actually hire a person to trim our trees. Keep your fingers crossed for him...and me. When we go back to Oregon there are trees waiting to be climbed.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Note:  Here is a little statistic for you.
Men are more likely than women to die from a fall. After taking age into account, the fall death rate in 2010 was 40% higher for men than for women.
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