Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The New York Times and the 99 Cent Deal!

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or Please, Cancel my Subscription

Oh my gosh, I think I need a good, I know I need a good rant. You see, I love the NYTs but I cancelled my online subscription today anyway.  My ongoing love affair with the newspaper may be coming to an end soon. After this latest experience I have decided I just don't like the way they treat their subscribers.

The NYTs was costing me $20 a month and I really don't make that much money online. I knew they didn't play fair with subscribers but I didn't realize what their game was.  Imagine my surprise when I found out how much I could have really gotten it for if I had known the rules and called sooner.

I decided to take the online version twice in the last few years. I think the first time I took them up on the $.99 a week offer I ended up paying almost $30 a month when the grace period was over with. After I called the paper at the mystery number hidden on a page with many Q&A options and tried to unsubscribe they reduced the price to just under $20. I complained about the price. I should have just quit loving the paper right then. Later I did quit taking the paper.

Last year I re-subscribed (I know, I am nuts) and was actually offered the $20 deal after my $.99 a week grace period elapsed. Today I decided to unsubscribe AGAIN. This time when I called, the very nice lady offer me the .$99 a week deal for 10 weeks or more. I have paid $20 a month all of this time when all I had to do was cancel and they would offer me the $4.00 a month rate for 10 weeks? My goodness NYTs, do you really understand what you are doing?

Now I am wondering if I called someone else and cancelled something, would they give it to me at a lot less? My internet service is very expensive. I might try them first. I don't know about you but it makes me mad!

I'm just saying.


Note: Remind me to bookmark this post as a reference when I decide to take the NYTs again...because you know I will.  I love that newspaper!
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