Friday, January 24, 2014

Google's Blogger: Afraid to Ask the Questions!

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I do read the fine print on Google because I love to write on my Blogger account.  But the fact is I might be breaking the rules when I link to a business in a post. I do vet the articles and make sure that I can support what they propose but it is a gray area that I often wonder about. I often wonder why Google doesn't go into the business of offering a paid option for their clients. It would be wonderful.

Blogger is the most wonderful service a writer could ever have.  The simplicity of the website is something I love. I even think that the Adsense ads add a lot to the page. But if the Adsense doesn't work and bring in income, why even use it?

My husband points out that we don't need the money and he is right.  I guess it is just a little validation for what I do...with the emphasis on little. And, if I begin to earn more, I gain the spotlight which is not going to make things easier for me.

As for the title, Afraid to Ask the Question, I went ahead and sent a note to Google feedback with a screen shot of my blog. Will I be sorry?  Maybe!

What do you think?

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