Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When the Dog Dies...Saying goodbye to Teagan!

She wasn't even my dog. My daughter, her husband and two children brought her home from Canada so many years ago I cannot remember. The children that were small then are now 20 and 16.

My husband and I were just people that showed up at her house periodically so she could bark. Surprisingly, when I found out she was gone I felt very sad. She was a part of every family gathering.

Teagan didn't care much what you wanted, never came when you called her and ruined so many screen doors her family gave up and just swatted the flies.

She was a mass of nerves and barked incessantly so she required a bark collar. She liked to come and go at her own pace. She ran away at the blink of the eye, moved so fast you could never catch her. She required an invisible fence.

In fact, it seemed her goal in life was to prove that, although you needed her, she did not need you.

The neighbor's dog was her friend and she would go to their house and ask to be let in so she could play. Racoons kept her entertained and the feral cat that came to live was a constant companion. She did not know how to walk but seemed to lope everywhere she went. Her cousins lived at Bill Cosby's house.

But she did love us all. Her head would appear under our hand so we could pet her and she begged to be scratched. No space was too small for her to find a way to get the attention she wanted. Tables moved and people got out of her way.

Beautiful, regal, goofy, hyperactive, brilliantly pea brained and much loved. We will always miss that funny old dog. How did we get so attached to her?

Be well,

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