Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Books, history and Vladimir Putin

The Olympic Stadium
The Olympic Stadium (Photo credit: MichaelWu)
All those books I read about the founding fathers for the last couple of years has taught me one very clear thing...history is not pretty. I like to think that we Americans have been honest with ourselves when it come to what we have and have not done. But then I realize the honest person cannot say that is entirely so. We tend to gloss over the bad and even justify it as a means to a good end.

When the commentators for the Olympics were discussing the opening ceremonies they spoke of President Vladimir Putin and the "usable history" that was presented to the world, they also spoke of how the president of Russia was even taking a hand in monitoring what was put in text books for the school children. I suppose that there is only so much you can tell children. The brutal facts may have to wait until later.

But I would also like to think that we know, Vladimir Putin knows and world knows that looking at the past can be a very necessary though difficult thing. It is only by facing the ugly facts that we learn so we can make logical and good decisions in the future. No country is exempt!

What do you think?


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