Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shopping for Shoes with Maddie and Amelia!

Many, many years ago my now 16 year old granddaughter picked out a pair of shoes for me. They were Teva's and I have always loved them because I could wade in the water and it didn't ruin them. Now about 12 years later I went shopping with other granddaughters. I wanted a pair of dancing shoes to wear to our Valentines Day dance.

Seeing things through a child's eyes is a very wonderful thing.

Maddie is 10 and she could see what I needed right away. She found a pair of t-strap shoes, red, large heels and very practical. She thought they were great! I thought they looked like something a person in their 70s (LIKE ME) would wear...I did not like them at all. But I loved that Maddie was thinking of me...sincerely thinking about me. She wanted me to have what I really needed. She is such a wonderful granddaughter.

I hated these even though they are very practical. (dancing shoes)
Amelia, on the other hand, brought out pair after pair of gladiator shoes for me to admire. Even though I am in my 70s and don't want practical shoes, I do know that I would look ridiculous with straps winding up my ankles. But evidently Amelia thinks I am a very cool grandma! I liked that a lot.

There were no shoes purchased. I couldn't do it even to please those two little girls!

Amelia loved these!
Have you ever let your grandchildren help you pick out shoes?

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