Monday, February 10, 2014

Friendship:To Join or Not to Join

I was invited to join our Red Hat club here in the park. I won't do it but the invitation did make me stop and think. Why is it that we are drawn to somethings and absolutely won't do others?
I belonged to a flower club once. It turned out
I like the flowers but I didn't like the club!

The discussion about the choices we make is always on my mind. Within the last week I have had people bring up why choosing to be happy, or please ourselves is imperative. But the article I read that said that happy people don't make friends willy-nilly made very good sense. They are slow to join this group or that and don't let just anyone into their life. In fact, it seems to me that they avoid toxic groups or people by simply taking a little care.

Now I am not saying that Red Hat girls are not absolutely wonderful. But, when making a commitment to "join" a group, I am just very slow to get there.  It has to feel just right.

How do you approach a situation like that?

Just wondering.


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  1. Been like you I like to bide my time and think wha tthe outcomes may be? if I joined the red hats club,would I be included would I feel out of it?in this world of class systems and though silent they are often LOUD to my ears and heart? am I wrong in saying this

  2. Yes I find churches too full on as I am seeing more clearly,half the people never ever talk again to you,and then they act as though they have never spoken to you should you sound not quite right is proper this is sad,not just churches,weight watchers anything nobody makes it easy to fit in it's like a huge test one has to take before one is clean.


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