Monday, March 3, 2014

The Snugg Case Gives iPhone 5c a Masculine Look

The perfect iPhone case...simple, practical and masculine.
Snugg 5c phone case  

How many choices do you suppose there are in the world of iPhone cases? I would hazard to guess that there is a unique case for EVERYONE! As a result, deciding what to use is very confusing.  Let me make it easy for you...especially if you are a male that just wants the case to be a protection and not make you look like a dufus!  I think I have the perfect choice for you.

I am a big fan of The Snugg brand because they are reasonably priced and do what they are suppose to do without a bunch of needless bells and whistles. It's a cell phone case people! So the Snugg people sent my husband a simple black case that protects his 5c and actually makes the colored case a little more grown-up and masculine. AND the sale price right now is a paltry $9.00 on their website.  

The surface of the iPhone 5c is slick and shiny. It looks pretty but when I handle it but I always feel like it might slide out of my hand. The Snugg case has a slight texture that makes the phone feel more secure in my hand. I think Apple was marketing to a very young, hip group of people so the colors are neon. The black case tones the phone color down and leaves just a few edges visible so the owner can distinguish their phone from everyone elses in the room. I also liked that I could put it on my husbands phone is less than a second. So I ask you...what's not to like?  It is absolutely perfect.

Thank you Snugg...this is another winner. 

Note: I have an Executive Ipad Cover and Stand that Snugg sent me last summer.  I would not give it is perfect! Snugg products are also available on Amazon and if you have a Prime account, in many cases, 2 day shipping is free.
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