Saturday, May 17, 2014

6 Free Anti-aging Solutions

Was thinking about all the things we can do to make us look and feel younger today and not one thing that came to mind cost a dime. How perfect is that?

My reward for hard work!
I was reading a post over at Sightings over Sixty the other day...I seem to be getting some ideas from Tom these days. He was talking about bowling but the post ended with an insight about aging. A fellow bowler pointed out that we are not old until we say it outloud...or at least that was the way I read it. He made me wonder about people that never seem to age. What do they do that keeps them looking and feel much younger than they are? Here is a list of things that I think are important.

  1. Never, never say you are old. It will age you right on the spot without your even getting out of your chair.
  2. Read and talk...everyone can talk about something they have read and age is no boundary. Talking to someone else everyday is so important and now you have something to talk about. Beside that reading is wonderful exercise for your mind!
  3. Smile. It is common knowledge that we smile when we are happy. But could it be that we might feel happy because we smile. I hope so because we all know that smiling is a youthful expression.
  4. Work...hard. Muscles will forget how to move in a nano second! Use your muscles so you can move with ease and comfort.
  5. Wash yourself with vigor. Personal appearance and best of all cleanliness keeps us mindful of our well being. A little lotion or make-up helps but there is nothing like clean hair and skin to make us feel good.
  6. Stand tall...I even sleep on my back for a while every night. My posture is more important that anything. It contributes to my sense of balance as well. 
I am sure there are many more. What do you do that you feel is important to your well being?


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  1. Thank you. Now that I have retired I no longer have need to ride the subway. I am able to take the bus wherever I want to go. I love striking up a conversation with people. I also smile a lot more often now and do my best to make someone else's day as well. I always have a good morning and a thank you for the bus driver. It's nice being pleasant.

    1. Maybe we are onto something here...maybe just retiring makes us younger! What do you think?

  2. Stay engaged with the world: go for walks with friends, attend lectures on obscure subjects, visit galleries and museums, keep fit - go running, take up a new sport, do yoga, play bridge, write a blog, have a plan, help the young, set up a book club, organise neighbourhood events. Don't just sit there!


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