Sunday, June 1, 2014

Empty Nest Syndrome....again!

I am surprised everytime I realize how old I have become. Not that 72 is very old but still. I had no vision of myself getting to be this old when I was younger. If I had realized, I probably would have done a few things differently. But that ship has sailed.

The one thing that surprised me more that any other is that I am seeing a second generation grow up to fly away like my children did. Four grandchildren have ventured out on their own.

A granddaughter will marry this summer. This will be the first of many wonderful ceremonies in our family. A ceremony seems to move us forward with joy and satisfaction.
The Future!

The future is on the minds of my children these days. A son-in-law will retire this summer. How could that be when they are so least in my mind. I cannot bear it when they talk about being older...if they are, where does that leave my husband and I?

The next stage will be the one where they become snowbirds and learn to travel and spend long periods of time away from home. It won't happen for a while but still I can see it coming for them a lot clearer than I saw it for myself.

Once in a while I catch a glimpse in a picture or even the mirror of my very old self. I am trying to embrace the image. After all, like Christmas, it will come whether I am ready or not. I still like the way I look so that is good.

So the nest empties, a new nest fills and then empties as surely as the first did. I feel the sadness that the empty nest bring once again. But if just as it should be. The natural cycle of life continues for my lovely family.

I just wanted to celebrate for a moment. I went over 400,000 page views this week. Now, I know that those of you that are in the know are going to say that it is not really such a big deal. Only a tiny percent of those views translate into real readers. I don't care...400,000 just roll off my tongue so beautifully.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. I am very impressed by 400,000!

    And I am currently constructing a post on aging and the shock of it all. So being on the same page, I know exactly the awe of seeing that old person take over my body, but not my mind. Yet.

    Well done. Wishing you peace in your second empty nest.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jo. I will be looking forward to seeing your post. Let me know when you publish it.

    I will have to say that getting old has not been a shock for me. I have written about it so many time and chronicled the changes over a period to time. In fact, I am so pleased that I have the person I am today. But as you said, even though I am trying to "look" as good as possible, once in a while I see myself unexpectedly in a different light. Fatigue, worry and worst of all time will take it toll.

    As for my mind, I am not letting go of that until forced. I know some very old people that have minds like steel traps. I hope for the same.


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