Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adsense: Does Just Breathing Count?

I know the title might be a little misleading but I do just wonder about things. For example, I was looking at my Adsense earnings today. The money part of blogging has ceased to mean a thing to me but once in a while I check to see what is happening. Here is how it has been going...

I looked for FITBIT bands...
now that is all I see in
the ads! I am sorry I didn't buy
from you but the ads were everywhere. :)
The real people that actually stop and read anything is not much but I do get between 500 and 600 hits per day. Of those people a few really care about what I have written. A few of those that read are also taken by the ads in the sidebar...the trouble is every blog or website they go to will probably show the same ads so the chances of anyone clicking on my ads drops to the minus column. Personally, I did a search for a particular type of skirt I want. Now, no matter where I am on the web, that skirt shows up in the ads. I am assuming that this happens with everyone.

However, on those days my traffic drops, the income will go up. I find that extremely strange!

Even today, when I doubt anyone has clicked on an ad, I have earned a few pennies. So the question is "does just breathing count?" Do I earn income even though no one has clicked an ad or has someone seen an item that catches their interest and clicked...then I earned 4 cents? I wonder.

Now as far as Amazon is concerned, I do know that someone has to buy something on the main part of the page they do in a Amazon search. Those ads at the bottom earn Amazon money and I won't see a penny of it ever. As far as Amazon is concerned, I don't even exist unless someone buys something. Going to the website through my blog does NOT earn me or any blogger money. In their case, breathing does not count.

Any thoughts on the subject?



  1. Hi. I just found your blog. Interesting observations about Adsense. I just started my second blog. I hope you will check it out. It is not monetized yet. I've never figured out the whole earning thing. Hope some other readers can provide info.

    1. I have been doing it for years and it is still a mystery to me! Darn.

  2. I've noticed that several times myself. I have been looking up baby items lately, 2 new grand babies at once are going to need alot of stuff. Now I am seeing stuff everywhere too. Which is odd considering I run The Diary of an Alzheimer's Caregiver not alot to do with kids other than talking about the upcoming event and a travel blog?!? No money...ever!

    1. I understand totally. I think having the right information in the blog is the key. That is where SEO comes in I suppose.


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