Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Life: Can we outwit a Salesman?

Really, I have no idea what to do about these salesmen and getting bids. It is so hard to get anyone to be honest and forthcoming about what they are actually charging.

Just about the time we are getting ready to ask for a signed bid and send the guy out the door he comes up with a whole different theme...first a 10% discount and finally "what are you wanting to pay?" or "at what price would you buy?".

tearing my hair out!!!!
I don't know! If I knew what it would cost I would not be listening to the pitch. If I knew what was best, I would certainly not be listening to the pitch. I don't like listening to the pitch!

Just about the time I am beginning to like the sales guy he steps in the poop and it is all over.

We want to do a little remodeling and now we have begun to get bids for replacing a couple of window and door openings. Should we get a general contractor, go buy the doors and just get a handyman to help us install them or should we let some salesman talk us into buying their product.

So far we have survived the "pitch" but it may be we will just throw up some plywood and live in a hole. I suspect that my husband and I are no match for a pitchman....not at all.

We were both so relieved we did not buy anything we went out and got a beer at the local roadhouse. Wow!

What do you do?



  1. Get a general contractor who has a great word-of-mouth reputation.

    1. Yes, we are getting very close to doing that. Thank you.

  2. I agree with Linda's advice. Hubby and I hate facing those types of projects, but we always ask our local friends who they've used, then look at their work. I've heard good things about Angie's List also. The other thing we've learned is the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is usually true for us. Best of luck to you!!

    1. You have a point...ours is not broken but we just want a change. We will see.

  3. I cannot recommend Angie's list enough. We found our contractor there. He was highly recommended as someone who came with a quote and that is what you paid (or less). We did a bathroom, deck and kitchen counter and did not go over a cent!


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