Monday, October 20, 2014

The Rugrats Cartoon, Responsible TV Viewing and Bitchy Barbara

I remember watching TV with my granddaughter back when The Rugrats were very popular. You remember...that was the TV show with the darling babies that lived in a playpen, a self-centered girl named Angelica that messed with their life and a dozing oblivious grandpa that was in charge a lot of time. I thought at the time that Angelica was seen by my granddaughter as a bad little girl that made life miserable for everyone around her. But as I watched my granddaughter more, I came to realize that Angelica was becoming a heroine of sorts. Angelica always got her own way and never took any sas from anyone. We quit watching The Rugrats and my granddaughter moved on.

Flash forward 13 years to 2014. Now it is me that needs to be careful what I watch on TV. One of my friends was describing a show she liked that had a very strong woman lead...a little edgy and very in your face kind of show. I had to stop and think about whether that was a good idea for me...probably not. The spill over from watching certain shows will inspire me to be more opinionated that I already am. I am not even a good TV news viewer. My inner feminist will emerge immediately.

See being an angry feminist is not a good thing and when I watch a show that stars a woman that is being challenged because she is female or hear about a women's issue on the news, I get very ticked at the world. Where is the justice in that? The feeling will take a while to go away and in the mean time, the people in my world have to put up with a Bitchy Barbara.

So I try to be a responsible TV viewer. The world does not need another Angelica of any age. Especially mine.

Just a thought.



  1. Ha! First let me say, I love your new (?) blog header photo. Very cute.

    My kids didn't watch much of Rugrats. Though maybe they should have so they would have been a tad tougher and taken less crap from boys during the high school years.

    Best wishes in your mission to be responsible TV viewer. (Considering some of the crud on TV, perhaps not watching at all is the MOST responsible action.) :-D

    Take care, Barbara!

    1. Yeah, well there are no guarantees. I watch as much "crud" as the next guy. But I am going to avoid shows about bitchy women. Those shows just make me a bad person!

  2. Since the actors are often what make a show so special, look for other shows the actor may have been in. In addition, if you like a particular genre like science, there are plenty of different science based TV series out there.

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