Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aging: Sunday is still Sunday

You would think that in this world of sales at the store and the world rushing by even on Sunday things would change. We should somehow be different because the world is working 24/7 and nothing ever slows down. There is not a moment to reflect.

But so far as I am concerned nothing has really changed...those that didn't reflect before don't do so now. Back in the day when businesses were not open on Sunday there were those that saw that day as a family day and there were those that worked or drank whiskey or yelled at their children even on Sunday. Really, nothing has changed all that much.

My husband and I still get up on Sunday and take it slow. We have a special pancake or breakfast that starts the day with a feeling of joy. Even if we work, it is with the thought in mind that it is Sunday. I like that a lot.

So it seemed very weird to me that the UPS man delivered a box to our front door on this Sunday. Who would even expect that a box would show up at their door today? Even though nothing has changed, those that must work 24/7 are still at it. I keep telling myself that it is good. Somethings I just ignore or pretend that it doesn't happen. I am allowed...right?



  1. I never thought of it that way, but it's so true! I never liked the idea of shopping on holidays so I don't. Those that do have probably always wished they could. We take it easier (and that's saying something since we're retired) on the weekends to, brunch on Sundays, sleeping late. Nothing and everything has changed.

  2. My idea of a holiday is not associated with shopping. I've never been one to get excited about Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. Last summer when I was sharing vacation plans with my son, he asked - vacation from what? Smart aleck! Even in retirement, I find it necessary to break up the routine. I like to kick back on the w/e with a special breakfast, a short chore list, more socialization although the joy of retirement is any day can be like a w/e.


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