Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas Gifts: What do Facebook Women REALLY Want?

Have you ever wondered what women REALLY want for Christmas? Here is what women told me without anyone watching or listening.

I saw a post the other day about know, that kind of joy that you can feel right down to your toes. I think it was over on Alphabet Salad but I could be wrong. Anyway, the person was not having a good day and then they remembered something that made them happy beyond reason. It was like receiving or giving the perfect Christmas present!

So, that brings me to the question I asked the group of women on Facebook that provide the articles for the very popular Midlife Boulevard website. I was wondering if anyone could tell me something that they really wanted for Christmas...the perfect gift they dreamed of opening. I could see smiles on the faces of both the giver and the recipient. Because I had just finished writing a post about cool Christmas gifts for women, I was looking for some very good gift ideas to use in a future article. And that is what I received. Better yet, I discovered that perfect gifts for a woman in 2014 may come in all sizes and may not be wrappable. These are the answers I received:

 MacBook Air
I did not expect people to want world peace as their only Christmas gift nor did it occur to me that someone would be waiting for furniture they ordered in the summer to be delivered. I loved the honesty that some brought to the and whirled peas were my idea of the perfect request. Oh and I could use a new Mac Book Air and the Cartier watch...I'm just saying! The generous request of gifts to charity or even just seeing college aged children touched me. 

This was a lot of fun for me. Thank you ladies for helping out!

So, what do you want for Christmas...other than World Peace that is!



  1. The best Christmas I ever had was the first year I told the whole family it was a NO PRESENTS Christmas. We had a full house with family from out of town, friends, my adult children, my sister in law and her boys. We didn't plan a big expensive meals at a restaurants. We made great but simple food in the kitchen. We went skiing together and gathered exhausted in the evenings and filled the house with laughter. Our gift to each other was time together. Can't get better than that!

    1. I love that kind of gathering. We are doing upcycling this year. My daughter and I shopped at Goodwill and are putting together some beautiful all be it inexpensive gifts. I love that kind of thing.

  2. I would like a bigger sewing room. And a place to set up my treadmill inside the house.

    1. Santa, did you hear that...Nita wants a place to be creative and healthy!


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