Saturday, November 1, 2014

HGTV/DIY: Do You Donate What you Remove to a Charity?

A typical dumpster in Sunnyvale, California.
A typical dumpster in Sunnyvale, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My daughter and I were talking about what a poor example DIY and HGTV set for their viewers. Specifically, we were discussing the all important dumpster that shows up in front of the house and what goes into it.

She had been watching one of the DIY TV Crasher shows (Yard, Kitchen, House, etc.) and was appalled to see the enthusiastic workers throwing french doors, cabinets, sinks and lights into the dumpster so they could make a big crash when they hit all the waste buried below. Enough things were thrown away that a whole house could have been built using what they broke being destructive.

There are places that want (and need) those things. For example, Habitat for Humanity gathers all those things and either uses them to build a new house or sells them to people like you and me to raise funds for their cause. Veteran groups, Salvation Army and even the local second hand dealer can re-purpose many things and our landfills will not be overflowing with porcelain toilets and cabinets that a designer considered a little out dated.

So hear is a message for all you home improvement TV shows; please remember, people follow your example so be one worth following! Show people how they can salvage what they remove and either sell it or donate it to a good cause...please

Just a thought.



  1. A very good thought it is, too!

    1. I know that DIY and HGTV are entertainment but people actually do try to emulate their behavior. I just wish they would stop and think about what they are doing and how how it plays out in the real world.

  2. Great message! I suggest submitting it to those type of tv shows, since it could go a long way to promote responsible remodeling and reduce disposal costs.

    I'll probably never have a whole house remodel, but when I relocated I had a free garage sale. Sent emails to friends telling them what was available and when to show up. Who would dream someone would want my duct taped garden tools? But one woman recently moved and they were enough to get her by until she could afford replacements.

    1. AMEN!!! I am always surprised at the fact that people will actually take away casserole lids...but it seems those items are the first to break. We also have had people take things that were semi-broken but still usable.

  3. I had to argue with my contractor over donating parts of our kitchen and bath. He thought it was silly. We gave Habitat- shower head, several ceiling fans, two sinks, several faucets and some tile. The next visit there- almost everything we had donated was gone! I am sorry I did not think of the shower doors!
    My Nana used to say, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."

    1. Jannette, you are so right...about the junk/treasure connection. We shop at the habitat stores both here and in Tucson. We always take a donation when we go too. What a wonderful way to recycle things.


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