Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Fix a Slow Keyboard (Apple) in 4 Easy Steps

Apple Wireless Keyboard - second generation, a...
Apple Wireless Keyboard - second generation, aluminum slim profile - side view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been out of touch for a few days. My computer had slowed down to the speed of a turtle and then my wireless keyboard decided to quit working altogether. It was very frustrating for me. My solution was to turn the computer off and go golfing. That should fix everything...right? But now I know what to do if the keyboard slows down to nothing and that is something. The computer is another thing altogether. I will see how it goes in the next few day.

If your wireless keyboard does not respond unless you hold the key down for an extended period of time you will find the fix in the Accessibility page of your system preferences.  Right there on that page is the Keyboard on the left. When you click on it this is what shows up. See where it says Slow Keys adjust the amount of time between when a key is press and when it is activated? Turn that off. Trust me you do not want that on....ever.

  1. Open Preferences
  2. Click on Accessibility
  3. Click on Keyboard
  4. Turn off Enable Slow Keys

It took me two days to figure this out and I could not find any help...! So there you go. Let me know if this helps you.



  1. Thank you! I had not run across this adjustment, probably because I've always used a laptop computer. The one I keep in the pumphouse is 10 years old and had plenty of problems, most of which were correctable --after a couple days fiddling-- and I've run into some nearly as strange as your "slow key" trouble, which begs the question: why have a "slow key setting in the first place? That's like building a car with a "no brakes" setting.

    1. I think it may have to do with people that have handicaps and need a less sensitive keyboard. Using a very old computer is not easy but I have mine moving at the speed of a semi-fast rabbit. It is a 100% improvement.


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