Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let's Celebrate Now!

Well, did you know that former pro football player
Ickey Woods will celebrate almost anything?”
Are you a lover of parties and people and celebrations? I am! I am like Icky Woods, the NFL football player they feature in the Geico ad. He is the one that loves to celebrate and will do a happy dance when his number comes up at the deli counter. I am like that.

So we are going to celebrate my husband's 80th birthday next week...don't get me husband ISN'T actually 80. I decided that some celebrations should not be delayed, not for any reason. So we are going to just do

I have hired a wonderful band from here in Tucson and invited everyone in our park to attend. We will give them a little popcorn and a can of beer. We will dance until late at night or 9:30 p.m. whichever comes first .  We are going to do the happy dance just because we can.

So Icky Woods wherever you are, my hat is off to you. Celebrate the small is all about joy and a celebration is the best way of demonstrating it.

What will you celebrate today?


Note: Woods was a pioneer in touchdown celebrations when he unleashed the "Ickey Shuffle" during his rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals in 1988. The Shuffle, which went on to be imitated by countless touchdown scorers, consists of three hops to the left, three to the right, three hops back, a spike of the ball, and a finger twirl.


  1. What am I celebrating today? Getting my allergy medication in the mail, Couples Night with my husband and getting one (hopefully two) blog posts up.
    [She's dancing, she's dancing]

  2. I love your idea of celebrating your husband's birthday well in advance (how does he feel about it?). I agree that it is important to celebrate whenever possible - big things or small. Today? I took a nice long walk with a friend, helped my husband cull his closet, and - I hope - will finally post a blog entry that I wrote several days ago. Yay me!

  3. My husband was slow to embrace the idea...I began talking about it over a year ago. But he finally came around when he realized that we could turn it into a charity event. We are collecting food for our local food bank as the price of admission. We are having fun planning for the big day and our daughter will be here to celebrate with us. Lucky us.

    We are doing the happy dance all over the place!


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