Monday, January 5, 2015

What Catching a Cold Can Teach Us

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I have a cold. It is my first sick spell in years. I actually have forgotten how to be under the weather. My moaning skills and cranky side is so out of practice that I think my husband is wondering if I am really sick! He keeps asking me if he can get me something! WOW!

There are lessons to be learned from a bout with a cold. If we don't learn something from every miserable situation we are missing an opportunity.

Here is a little list I came up with as I was coughing my head off. I realized being sick is not good when you are out of practice. Here's we go:

  1. NEVER drink out of a friends martini glass...even that much alcohol does not kill germs.
  2. Wash you hands ten times more than you do...really.
  3. Avoid hugging everyone in the room. I know, that is hard but just kinda pat them on the arm.
  4. Get a grip on what is available in the way of meds. Really, that old stuff in the medicine cabinet is out of date and may even be dangerous.
  5. Take care of your spouse when they are sick even if you don't want to. The day will come when you need some help and you need to bank some payback assistance.
  6. Get up and move (unless you are REALLY sick) You will feel better. I had forgotten that one.
  7. Take a nap and a shower. I swear that those thing were invented just for those of us that are sick. A clean bed and jammies can cure almost anything!
I am sure there are many, many more things to remember but I have a cold and I feel miserable! Please forgive me.



  1. If you have a fever, it's not a cold.

  2. It's been a full year since I have been sick (I have an autoimmune disease so it is a really big deal to me). All of these tips are great ways to feel some better. Take it easy, rest and the shower and clean jammies really do work. Hope you feel better soon!


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