Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photography: It said so on the bathroom wall.....!

What do you take pictures of when you travel? I mean, I do like pictures of the Arno in Florence and the Rhine River in Frankfurt and the Isar River in Munich but I can only take so many of those and I am done. Besides, I know that some really professional photographer has one for sale online. 

So what interests me is not so much the tourist picture but that quirky thing catches my eye. I don't always have my camera but my iPhone is wonderful so I use it. 

For example, the graffiti I notices in a bathroom stall in Florence made me think that we are all so connected in someway. If I see that girl I will tell her that the graffiti writer liked her shoes. 

When we travel I try to take one picture per day (at least) of a bicycle. I think they are beautiful and everyone in the world, accept Americans, ride bicycles everywhere. In fact, in Munich people seemed to ride them and then abandon them on the sidewalks when winter came. Sad, flat tired, lost bicycles lined the street next to the Isar River.

I do love beautiful cars but this one painted with a graphite paint was simply stunning. The very small tennis shoe made me wonder if such a lovely car belongs to someone with a small boy. Oh, and parking on the sidewalk seemed to be okay. I don't think that practice only applied to the beautiful cars.

When we were in Munich, we visited the Deutsch Museum. The huge gathering of all things mechanical was simply amazing. While my husband studied the explanations for how things worked, I was drawn to the beauty of the displays. This is a close up of a crosscut of a car engine.
This is not a vacation picture but a gift for Mother's Day. However, it does describe how my husband and I make decisions when we travel. I don't generally say, "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas." What I do say is "We could do that or......!" My husband laughs, sometimes.
Have a wonderful day!



  1. Those Germans do know their mechanics.

    1. Yes they do and they love a simple beauty that I simply love.

  2. Photos are memories we can print, well thats what i say haha

    1. I love that idea...memories are hard to keep alive but a printed picture takes us back to that place and time.


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