Monday, August 17, 2015

Thieves Are Strange Creatures

Golf Course at Sunrise
Black Butte Ranch, Sister's, Oregon
We have creatures wandering through our neighborhood at night. We are up during the night so we see raccoons and cats coming through. I think there are mice and I am sure there are rats. It's the rats I want to talk about today.

My daughter works for a police agency and she has always said that a thief doesn't come out into the light very often. They linger in alleys and away from street lights. Like the unwelcome vampire, the light is not their friend. It turns them puddles of slime!

It could be added here that most are not really very grown up. Some will be redeemed and some will not. I am not feeling very forgiving right now because we were robbed last night.

We are a bit like a rape victim in this particular case. If we were to call the police, the blame would be put on us for being uncovered and out in the open. We may as well have sent an invitation to a robbery party. We did not close our garage door! We most always close the door but, like all humans we are liable to make a mistake once in a while. Ninety-nine percent of the time it would be just fine...but 1% can be a bad deal.

In our case however, the thief did a very strange thing. He/she did not take the valuable stuff at all. But, if they had intended to get our attention they did. They took my husband's golf clubs (very old and not very valuable clubs in a very old ratty bag) AND the keys to our car and house. The keys were left in our car. Keys are not intrinsically valuable but they are much needed.

See what I mean about "asking for trouble" and the police being less than interested? I am not sure what we will do next. We do have an alarm system on our house so that is a good thing. But that doesn't help when my husband's clubs are gone and the keys to our car/house are in a bad person's hands.

Is there a lesson here? Not really. You know the drill. Thieves are not mature but like a very naughty children or an untrained dog, they can make your life miserable. Darn!



  1. For real? It sounds like your thieves are not mature at all ... sounds like some derring-do neighborhood kids.

    1. Yes, I suppose you are right. Even those kids that are suppose to be well supervised can do some very dumb things! Darn.

      AND yes, this was for real. The police came this morning, the insurance company has been called and now we just wait. We don't golf however...or leave ourselves unguarded. I think the locksmith is our next call.

  2. So annoying. We don't lock up, either, so maybe we're victims waiting to happen the next time some summer-restless teenagers come around.

    1. We are not afraid and that I suppose is the reason we are so careless. I just hope it all works out in the end.

      Beware of the late owl wanderers!

  3. I would make changing the locks the first priority! They may just be kids, but they could do a lot more damage if they got your car, or worse, got into your house when no one was home.

    1. Yes, it is being done. Isn't funny how an incident like this is not about stealing your stuff but rather about stealing you peace of mind? Sigh1


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