Sunday, August 9, 2015

When Friends Celebrate Each Other

We were invited to a party for a couple that renewed their wedding vows. They have been married 25 years so it is an occasion that needs to be celebrated and honored. In this day and age finding couples still in love with one another for that long is very unusual.

This couple has a group of friends, a large group of friends, that all have the same claim to fame. They are staying married for the long haul. It is amazing. These Bunko playing women turned into best friends and now their husbands have joined the "club". They are the village that raise the children, lead by example and keep fun alive.

They party together, support each other through illnesses and even stalker-watch each other's children in an effort to keep them safe.

The amazing thing for me is that they have been a part of my life since my daughter's children were very young. They adopted me as their token wise person. They are smart, accomplished, successful women and men. Best of all they know how to laugh at themselves and the world in general. They are the kind of people that not only stay married but also stay connected to their friends. And, they have enriched my life in ways I cannot even describe.

The party was wonderful and the ceremony made the big crowd cry but best of all, laughter filled the air. What a delightful evening.
Kristine told the crowd that Lee asked her
not be sappy and tell how wonderful, brave and kind he was, so she wouldn't say that!
You will have to admit...this sign is plain funny!
When I am with this group I know that women that
stick together can weather any storm. They are living proof.
Have a wonderful day. Oh, and Happy Anniversary Kristine and Lee.


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