Thursday, August 6, 2015

Amelia on Things That Work and Things That Don't

I talked about Amelia the other day. She is the one that pointed out the pointlessness of painting the outside of our house because it might be a waste of money. She surprises me. There is always more to be said but I am speechless sometimes.

Amelia and her magic wand!
But there is more.

We were discussing her return to Dubai with her sister and parents on the trip to the airport yesterday and her mother was talking about her plans as the vice-principal of the grade school Amelia will be attending.

"We are going to all get together and look at what worked and what didn't. We are going to build on what works," her mother told me.

Amelia was quiet waiting for the rest of the conversation when she realized there wasn't going to be anymore said. That was when she added what was left unsaid.

"Don't do the things that don't work again," she added.

There you have it...the latest Amelia-ism.

See, there is a saying out there about doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Why do we do that? Even a seven year old knows that if it doesn't work, you shouldn't do it again. How hard can it be? I am going to have a sign printed.

Just a thought!



  1. We could all use that printed on a sign! Or a coffee mug! Hat's off to the wise Amelia.

    1. Oh my goodness...Amelia and I will need to go into business! I am sure she has some very good ideas.


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