Tuesday, September 22, 2015

14+ Links Every Smart Snowbird Should Visit

Fall is here. The calendar Tells me so it must be. But even if it didn't, you would have known this morning. The air has that nip, a few of the sycamore trees are turning yellow and the birds are becoming restless.

The smart birds figure out what to do next before the flying day arrives. Geese are gathering as we speak in staging areas and even the hummingbirds that hitch a ride on those geese backs will be looking around for transportation. My feeder is emptying slower and slower.

Humans even have that urge to fly away south and those that are serious about it have already made reservations for the winter. But late comers are always welcome. As it turns out, there is always room for one more.

Over the years this writer and snowbird has posted thousands of words on the subject. Financial questions, retirement issues, locations to consider and even tips on locking up the house for the winter. I thought you probably would like a list to help you out. If I don't cover what you want to know, send me an email and I will answer you as quickly as possible.

  1. The Little Black Dot
  2. How to Choose the Right RV Park
  3. What No One Tells You about Retirement
  4. The Funny Thing About Being a Snowbird
  5. Affordable Housing for Snowbirds...Tucson
  6. Seeing Retirement in Black and White...or in Shades of Gray
  7. How To Be a Snowbird...Answers and Lists (this one has had 13,000 visitors...let me know what you think.)
  8. On Being a Snowbird: Is it the right choice for you? written for Satisfying Retirement
  9. Snowbird Season at a Glance
  10. 10 "How to be a Snowbird" Ideas
  11. 25 Questions to ask Yourself About Retirement
  12. 5 Ways We Travel Like We Are Rich
  13. You Might Be A Snowbird If...a nod to Jeff Foxworthy
  14. How to Experience Retirement before Retirement
And finally a post written about older people. Most of you that read this post will be much younger than a lot of the people you come in contact with in snowbird land. Just give everyone a chance. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two. I know for sure you are going to be surprised to find out who these unlikely looking retirees really are!
There are many many more articles on this blog. Look at the tags and click on them to see what more you can find.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Well I for one am snowbird age!! I am filing this information. Although I live somewhere where snowbirds retire....I love your tipsC! I am a new subscriber thanks to Heather!!

    1. Welcome Cindy. File the post away and use the information to make yourself happy and healthy. :) (I always dream BIG!!!)


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