Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is Better Better? Trending on Twitter

One of the thing that fascinates me about this whole blogging experience is the social media and its influence. So, when I saw  #DoesBetterMatter? trending on Twitter just now, I wondered, if I write a blog post using those words what would happen. Would it make any difference at all. We are about to see.

Do you suppose it would still run if it were in a car?
Or is there something much, much better?
Deutsches Museum   Munich, Germany

I am here to ask you, "Does better matter?"

See, I only started blogging all those years ago to start a conversation with my then 4th grade granddaughter. I was in China and she was going to school in a classroom crowded with almost 40 students. Technology was creeping into the schools but was still feared because it was so new. After all, it was a better way of communication. But did it matter? No not really.

My son lived in Shanghai and my husband and I were taking advantage of him so we could see a part of the world not usually seen back those few years ago. We had pictures of the Great Wall and Dong Tai Lu in the middle of the city. We wandered through the city and seldom saw a foreigner. We were experiencing something so wonderful. We wanted to share.

But we were soon to realize the even though I wanted to share and send a blog post over the internet directly to my granddaughter's classroom, no one would open it up. They were afraid and had built a security wall around their world. It was so sad.

So, now I am asking myself about all of the advances in technology that has happened since my computer, iphone and ipad were purchased. Should I get or try something bigger. Would better matter in my world? Would I regret spending the money on something that is simply better because it is faster and the screen is bigger? See, in the beginning the blog sent from China to my granddaughter was not that much different than a post card. It was faster but was it all that much different? Not really. And, in the end, would it really matter if it was?

As I grow older I find myself asking the same question. Should what I own, is paid for and works just fine be replace just because it is shinier? I don't know. We will see. Better may be better but I am going for different-better. So it simply doesn't matter to me. See what I mean?



  1. Being a techie buying new things is in my blood. But, I do ask myself two questions.

    Will it make me happy?

    Is this where I want/need to spend my money"

    I'm not sure how old you are Barb but I think we are about the same age. I realize that my days ahead are limited and I also realize that I most likely have more money than I need to live out those years. So, if it will make me happy to get the new iPad Prod so that I can have more fun editing my 20,000+ photos then I will get one.

    I'm not a believer in inherited wealth. We should all make our own way in the world. What's left will go to my favorite charity, whichever one that is when my time nears.

    I know that sounds kind of like being self-centered but maybe it is time for us to start thinking about ourselves some.

    Like the old army saying "if you got them smoke them". It was about having a smoke but seems to also apply here.

    Happy Sunday...... RJ

    1. You know what RJ, you are absolutely right. It all back to that "waiting until it is too late" dilemma. I have seen that happen way too many time.

      By the way I am 73 with 74 coming up very soon.

  2. I struggle with this too. Like RJ, I'm fairly certain that my husband and I have plenty of money to get us through our 90's and beyond. We also don't have children so leaving a financial legacy isn't a priority. But, I've always been relatively frugal and don't believe in spending money just because we can. I say (if you can afford it), use your good china, eat high-quality food, wear your special clothes as often as possible, travel while you can, and buy new technology if it will improve your life and/or make you happy. One thing to keep in mind when consider the latest thing, is the waste your old thing would now create.

    1. Janis, thank you for your thoughts. I think we are on the same page. I don't waste anything...we give everything that is usable to others and resell our technology. I was amazed at the amount we can sell Apple products for when we upgrade.


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