Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When Our Little Grocery Store Closed

Our small town grocery store closed a few month past and we are still reeling. A local college (so rumor has it) made the owners an offer they could not refuse. That is a rumor too. But, if you believe money talks then you can see how it all seems to fit.

We miss that grocery store a lot. It had almost everything we needed and the best selection of beer in the region! What was not to love. But the final straw is the removal of a state owned liquor store (we live in Oregon you know) that is housed in the back of the same building. It has not moved but it will have to and probably soon. Everyone I know is sad and inconvenienced by the loss of the grocery store but the liquor store??? Oh my goodness. Not the liquor store.

We have laughed so hard about this.

So we are traveling further to a big box store to get our groceries. The beer selection is horrible AND there is no liquor store in the back where no one can see you go in and out. It is not a good thing.

I am just saying!!!


The saddest thing was that I could not find one photo of the original Hank's in Cornelius Oregon online. That is just sad! We don't value what we have until it is gone.


  1. I remember vacationing in Colorado a few years ago and going to the local grocery store for supplies with my husband. We must have spent at least a half an hour walking around the store looking for their wine department. It NEVER occurred to me (as a Californian) that they wouldn't have one. Finally, we asked the cashier at checkout and he explained the situation. It just seems so silly and inconvenient... what's the point? I didn't realize that Oregon was the same.

    1. When the liquor store is RIGHT BEHIND the grocery it is no problem! But when the grocery closes that is a problem. We didn't know what we had until it was gone. I miss that grocery everyday of the world. Darn!

      Oregon is a very strange state...extremely liberal on one hand and ultra conservative on the other. We still hire people to pump gas. I like it, know that the price would not go down and someone would not have a job if the law were to change.


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