Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another Snowbird Reality is cold!

Arizona Sunset
I am a snowbird that expects warm weather everyday all winter long. But the reality is IT IS VERY COLD HERE in Tucson Arizona today and will be for about a week! I brought some winter clothes with me so I am good. Believe or not we actually follow the weather, ocean currents and other miscellaneous news items. My husband tells me about el nino and el nina. Then I decide what might happen while we are in Arizona.

The REALITY of it all is that, even though we travel south for warm weather and all that means in our life, it can be very cold here in Tucson. We have had cactus freeze solid to the core when it stayed below freezing for 2-3 days. Our palms have been frozen and the fronds turned brown.

Locals don't wear shorts in the winter and those of us that plant beautiful flowers are prepared to cover them and provide some warmth.

It is so much fun to watch the local people get bundled up looking like Eskimos and to hear them talk about lighting their fireplaces. It is very exciting for them.

For us...well we are good. It will pass soon. We hope!



  1. 81 and sunny here in the tropics. Everglades of Florida.
    We were thinking of snowbirding next year in Arizona.
    You just convinced me otherwise.
    The only ice I am looking at now is at the bottom of my mai tai.
    Stay warm, my friend.

    1. I must admit that Florida Everglades is sounding pretty good right now!


  2. Temperature did drop today, didn't it? I'm still walking around in shirtsleeves, though. It kind of feels like the Pacific Northwest. I am good with an occasional rainy day here in Tucson, and with cold, as long as the sun shines most days.

    1. The air is so pure and clean. The palm trees are glistening and a little snow on our mountains is a beautiful thing to behold. See you soon!


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