Friday, July 1, 2016

Just Your Ordinary Oregon/Washington Sunday Drive...WOW!

My husband and I took a Sunday drive last weekend. You would think that after living in Oregon for all of our lives we would grow tired of traveling all those off the beaten path places. But all that is beautiful about the Northwest never changes. That is what keeps us coming back for more!

This time we took the Washington side of the Columbia River and traveled from Portland through Vancouver, Wa. about 120 miles to a crossing east of The Dalles at a place called Biggs Junction. The route is called the Lewis and Clark Highway.

When you take this short trip, you go from the green verdant mountains into the arid part of Washington and Oregon. You can see the transition in the photos. 

Mt. Hood was showing off for us that day. This beauty is very near Portland.
The trip East ended at Maryville Winery and we took the bridge back across the Columbia River and traveled west back home. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We had a glorious day!
The Columbia is a very busy water highway from the Pacific east all the way to Kennewick Wa. Cruise ships carry visitors from Portland up river.
Lunch at a little restaurant called Clark and Lewie's in Stevenson had us sitting on the deck overlooking that beautiful Columbia.
This beautiful winery overlooks the Columbia and
feature an amphitheater that will seat 5000 I am told.
View from the deck of the winery. The cliffs above the Columbia have turned brown but vineyard line the hillside where possible.
The amphitheater can be seen just past the deck.

Have a wonderful 4th of July safe and enjoy!

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