Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Tiny House Movement Arizona Style

You know that tiny house in the woods, at the lake or even near the beach that you dreamed about when you were young? It was the one you wanted to share with your growing children on the weekend or even just in the summer or the winter. You didn't spend much on it if you actually bought it and eventually you sold it or turned it over to someone else in the family.

Now you have retired and you dream of spending the winter in a warmer climate but when you go online and begin to look at renting you know that the expense will be just too much for your budget. Where is that tiny house, the easy to own not permanent but just what you want for the next few years?  Believe it or not, in the southwest USA there is an equivalent that may be just what you are looking for.
My husband and I spend our winters in Tucson Arizona. Here in the desert where the temperature are very mild in winter, a group of seniors gather in park models we call "doll houses".  They are tiny houses that have been around for a very long time. They are called park models.

We play golf, swim in the pool, dance several times a month, play cards, create in workshops that meet our needs and live inexpensively.  For many of us this is our tiny house in the woods!

We have chosen to settle down in a RV resort for the winters. Rincon Country East RV Resort is located on the the eastern edge of Tucson along the Pantano Wash. We are very near to Davis Monthan Air Force Base and the Saguaro National Park East. Views of mountains to the East and North remain largely unobstructed.  But the view to the west is the most important.  Anyone who has lived or visited Tucson will tell you the sunsets are the most spectacular you will ever see. 
Tucson is so beautiful. Even though it has a population nearing 1 million in the metro area, "The Old Pueblos" has managed to retain a very small town feel. Outdoor activities are abundant.

People in this resort hike and bicycle into the Saguaro National Park. Golfing is so close by that one is tempted to walk to the course and art galleries either at the base of the Catalina Mountain or in the art community located in Tubac provide some great opportunities to find just that perfect piece for your collection.

Fresh vegetables from nearby Mexico and California are abundant and relatively inexpensive. In fact, we find the cost of living to be very affordable.

There are two types of living arrangements in this resort.  You can come with your RV and rent a space or you can buy/rent a park model.  These very tiny houses are a little over 350 square feet and the wheel are stored underneath so they can be moved. That square footage does not include an Arizona room that can be a simple glassed in porch or an additional living space.  A large percentage of the spaces here are filled with these "park models" and many are for sale or rent.

Arizona Room Addition
If you are looking for the perfect location to spend your winters, the ones you have been dreaming about, come on down and join us. You will find the retirement lifestyle you have been dreaming about. 

We'll keep the cactus lit for you!



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  2. Great Write UP! The idea of resort retirement living is really catching on and there are both expensive and inexpensive routes. In my research I was looking for an active adult community that would provide a nice golf course and a full service club house (cafe, etc.). I found Trilogy by Shea Homes and they took resort living to a new level. Their communities are amazing and their club houses are like 5 star resort hotels. Definitely one to check out... You can see them at Active Adult Resort Communities. They build in Arizona & Florida which are two fantastic retirement locations!

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  10. Thanks, Barbara - My parents have have a similar park model in Yuma, Arizon and they love it. For the past ten years they have spent every October to March there. Just as you described, there has been TONS of activities for them to do there, as well as great friends and companionship -- all at a very affordable cost. I believe that this lifestyle has definitely contributed to both of my parents aging so well. Thanks for a great post!

    1. I am certain that they benefit from their lifestyle not only physically but mentally. The combination of sunshine and activities keeps them happy and healthy.

      I see people living very long and active lives all around me when I am down there. We live in a 55 plus community here in the Portland metro are and we are seeing this place evolving into just such a place. It is wonderful for us.

      Thank you for the comment Donna.


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