Saturday, August 13, 2016

What's In Your Wallet (Bra)?

The original patent for a bra didn't have room for much, not even the boobs! USpatent494397a1893 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I had always wondered how my friends walked in tights with a yoga top and still have earbuds in their ears. In the Tucson where we spend the winter I see this all the time. They would merrily bob along to a tuney tune without any evidence of a device connected or anything. How did they do that?

Others always had their keys at the drop of a hat or even money. No purse, no wallet, no shopping bags!

Where was their invisible container that held all those important things? I wanted one of those. So one day I worked up my courage and I asked. What was going on?

It turned out that it was all about their underwear. I learned that not all size D are containers for boobs. Some women have bras with room for other stuff.

This morning when we were heading out for a walk we ran into my daughter and her friends returning for their Saturday morning walk. One is a "wallet" wearer and had just returned from a trip to Mexico. She told us she was patted down by the security because she forgot to take her chapstick out with all the other things she carries there! When the guard found it they didn't even take the cap off. I guess she didn't look like a drug user.

So, ladies, my question today is "What's In Your Wallet?" :)



  1. Nothing (but flesh!) is in my "wallet"! I had no idea that such a thing existed. I have a nano iPod that is tiny and clips to my yoga pants. I have an almost invisible slit pocket in the waist of my yoga pants that will hold one key. This is a reminder that we learn something new every day :-)

  2. My daughter's first job was at a fast food restaurant. Sometimes she worked the cash register. She said her most hated part of the job was, in the hot, humid St. Louis summertime, when women would pull a hot, perspiration-damp wad of bills out of their "wallet" and hand them to her to pay for their meal. She said it was "so gross".

    A couple of times I needed a quick place to put my phone when I didn't want to carry a purse. Plenty of room in my "wallet" for it and after a while I didn't even notice it was there. The problem was, and this happened twice, when I took my "wallet" off, apparently with wild abandon. The phone ended up flying halfway across the room and landing on the wood floor, two different times, that is how much I didn't even notice the phone there. I don't keep my phone in my "wallet" anymore.

    1. I don't carry mine there is so small!

    2. Oh, yes....the sweaty money really is gross!


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