Thursday, September 1, 2016

On Sharing With Ants, etc.

 Somewhere in this yard, an ant
colony is hiding. I don't know what I would
do if I actually found it. I have a hard time
murdering ants! Sigh.
I suppose I wrote last year about sharing my life and my house with ants. If I didn't well here is the way it is. Ants crawl everywhere and are impervious to almost every formula to rid the house of them.

They mock me at every chance. A stray crumb can become a big reminder that they have no respect for the clean kitchen. If I drop ONE they are just waiting to gather around and do a big crumb dance before toting it back to the ant hill where they will spread the word and a thousand more will come in search of more.

They don't like mint very much so I spray a mixture of essential mint oil on the counters and let it dry. That does keep them at bay but, because I don't use mint perfume, they crawl up my arms at the speed of lights and wander willy nilly around my neck. Just telling about it makes me itch.

Yet, I somehow find the little creatures charming. They form a line to and from the nest. They kiss every ant they pass going back and forth passing the secret of the crumb quest. It is really is so fun to watch.

I have not been sick so I don't think they are carrying anything that I will be affected by. Still, it just doesn't seem right to share my house with ants.

Like the squirrels we watch every day yet don't want to share anything with, the ants would be very welcome if they would just stay out of the house. They really are their own worst enemy.

As for the squirrels, I was fine with them until they tore my deck furniture apart to build a nest. But that is another story!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Did I tell you before that I use Meyer's Clean Day "Basil" multisurface cleaner on our kitchen counters, and if I see an ant infestation there I spray them and the ants do not return. Nontoxic and effective. "Lemon verbena" scent works too.

    1. I have not used the Meyer's but will give it a try. I think it would be a lot less harmful than the 409 I am using now. Thanks.

  2. Ha ha. I myself love nature. But, like the fire engines, I think it should keep at least 100 feet back from my house!

    1. Yes I agree. And the fire engine is not even welcome in my 55 plus neighborhood. Bad things are happening if they show up!


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