Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Rumor of my Death are greatly Overblown!

No, I am not gone forever...maybe you didn't even notice my absence. In that case ignore this post if you like.

Does it always surprise you when the seasons change? Do you say things like "Oh my goodness there is such  a nip in the air! It can't be fall already." I do that as though fall has never come and gone before since the beginning of time.

Now that we travel back and forth to Arizona from Oregon and the back from Arizona to Oregon every year, you would think that it would be smooth sailing and not a big deal. You would think. I am here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth. It is never totally smooth.

First of all I am surprised that it is time to go and cannot remember what to do or what to take or what I left behind. Surprise surprise surprise!

Rain in Oregon as we left!
This year I woke up the morning we were leaving sick as a dog. We had reservations for three night down the road and there I was...yuck. What did we do? you ask.

Well my husband never acknowledge that there was a problem. I took the required meds and told myself that if I did not die before night, I would be fine. We got in the car and left.

So...we are here in Tucson now. That is good. I am fine and loved the trip. If I had not been fine I hope someone would let you know but I am not feeling hopeful about that.

The Belagio in Las Vegas

Boulder City Breakfast Joint

As I opened my computer that has been just set up, I found these comments on the post about the birth of our new baby Great Granddaughter:

  • Great Grandmother. Wow! Babies are such sweet miracles! Congrats!
  • That might be the most beautiful newborn I have ever seen. Congratulations Great Grandma.
  • Congrats . . . and there's no question, you're cool!
  • What a beautiful little girl! congratulations GREAT Grandma!
  • What a sweet baby! Congrats!
  • Wow. Is that wonderful. I didn't respond because, well, life just did not allow it but, in case anyone wondered, I do love to get comments.

    Thank you Tom for agreeing that I am very cool and for the compliments and well wishes you all sent. As DJan said, "Yay". You all made me very happy.

    The baby is fine. She is very durable and not fussy about what goes on around her. I am pretty positive she will outgrow being such an angel but who knows. In the meantime her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles (11 of them that I can think of) are oohing and ahhing. The routine will be established soon.

    They are all in good hands.

    We are flying home in the spring I think. What cannot be taken on the plane will just have to stay behind. Wish us luck!



    1. Luck! Lots and lots of it. :-)

    2. I did notice your absence. I am glad to hear that all is well! Good luck!

    3. Thank you DJan...I need all of the luck and good karma I can get.

      Donna, I am so glad someone noticed! That made me smile in a happy way!


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