Tuesday, January 10, 2017

400 lb.14 Year Old Hacker...I know that guy!

I have been talking a lot about real people. They are the people that are the victims of smack talk on Facebook or made fun of on Twitter or during a press conferences. For example, we all heard about the 14 year old hacker that weighed 400 lbs. being ridiculed on Twitter, not entirely because he was a hacker but also because he weighed 400 lbs.

Do you know anyone that might fit that description? Well, I do sorta.

Last summer I discovered that I was pre-diabetic and signed up to take a class on nutrition and behavior to help deal with the issue. It as a class of people that were in the room together simply because of a health problem. We had nothing at all in common other than that. Yet, as we sat together for three, 3 hour sessions, we began to bond and get to know each other.

There was a stunning older woman that discovered that she needed the class even though she had never be out of control in her whole life.

There was a very Type A personality gentleman that actually inventoried Costco to discover what they were stocking on the outside aisles as opposed to the inside aisles.

There was a widow that lived on McDonald's and Starbuck's menus.

I was there getting myself ready to do what was necessary to make a few life changes.

And there was Aaron. Aaron was very overweight. He was developmentally about 14 year old even though he had lived 24 years. Aaron lived as a recluse because of his weight and spent the biggest part of everyday on his computer. I suppose he was an expert of sorts. He was dealing with the results of a brain tumor that was discovered when he was a small child.

Aaron didn't go outside because the neighborhood kids made fun of him. He could not bring himself to go to the mailbox or the garbage cans. It seems that kids think that is okay to do that for some reason. He could not work because of his weight issues. His mother was his best friend and she watched over his life. He did live alone.

Now, this is a case of realizing that Aaron was a dear man. He was kind and concerned and related to those around him when we talked about food problems. His main weakness was related to immaturity.

The questions are very obvious I think. Are we at liberty to make fun of a 400 lb. man because he doesn't look like you and I? Should we assume that he is a "hacker" or a pervert or even lacking in self control because he is overweight?

It is worth thinking about. What is your opinion?



  1. I just caught up on your last several posts. Each one offered something to think about, but I especially liked the one about respecting local customs when traveling. We like people to do the same when they visit here. I always found it interesting to learn about local beliefs and customs and tried to always be respectful. Learning the local courtesies and taboos gives us insight into the culture that just looking at buildings and eating food will never provide.

    I also loved that post because although I've been fortunate to travel in many corners of the world, I have never been to the Middle East, so I loved your photos and reflections.

    This last post really touched my heart. When my daughter was young and thought being mean was cool, she objected to my insistence that she treat people with compassion and courtesy. She complained that I had such high expectations for her. No, I said, these are just baseline expectations for being a decent human being. We haven't gotten to the high ones yet.

    So thank you for all your rich offerings on your blog.

    1. As always Galen, your affirmation means so much to me. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Barbara, for once again reminding us so clearly that our hasty judgement and unkind words DO hurt. We need to all model your message.

    1. Thank you for remaining a reader. It does make a difference.

  3. I might be unfairly judgmental at times, but not outwardly. I would not say anything or pass judgement by my reaction to a person...at least I hope I do not. Still, I could probably work on the casual judgmental thing.

    1. It is very easy to judge a "book by it's cover". We forget what is between those covers is not what it might appear.

  4. I loved the little character sketches here, and the reminder that we all have common links if we'll only look for them.

    1. Isn't that the truth. We all live in our "professional" world where we only associate with like minded people. Being put in situations like education classes definitely opens a door to the real world.

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