Monday, April 24, 2017

The Next Booth: Sucking the Air Out of the Room

I have been doing it again. I accidentally listened to the conversation in the next booth. It is a wicked thing to do I know but when the air is being sucked out of the room, I need to find out why.

We were on our way back from Arizona and had a layover in Phoenix...just enough time for food. That was where we sat next to the line ordering a slice of pizza. We had a short conversation with several people that passed. I like to talk so it worked for me. That was when the two women arrived, one waving her arms in the air...What were they thinking? she said. 

The conversation deteriorated from there as the rant escalated. The whole room was filled with such a negative energy it changed the taste of my food.

This actually happens a lot doesn't it? You are in public or even in your own house and one person can change the feel of the whole room. I find that even the silent one gives off energy with the expression on their face or body language. I think that our face and body follows our thought process.

I was reading an article over at Smart Living this morning called Please Be Responsible For The Energy ....
Anytime we find ourselves fussed, fearful or upset about anything, we are allowing our energy to become toxic and spreading it out to everyone we come in contact with, either in person, on the phone or on the internet. Is that the kind of person we want to be? Kathy Goettberg
Be responsible for your own life? Have you thought of that? I don't know about you but things do go wrong in life. When you read this article you will see that the author points out what we all know...bad things do happen to good people. It isn't if it will happen. It is how we will handle it when it happens and how the event changes our energy. And it follows that it also matters where we take that energy to. Do you go out to eat with a friend and dump on that friend in public. Do you suck the air out of the room?

It turns out that what I do is important...the energy I exude is there. I don't know about you but getting in the habit of letting those negative thoughts/energies that pop up in a conversation fly away without being articulated is hard to break. But it can be done. 

Our mother was right, well almost. She said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I would edit that saying to "If you can't said something nice, change the subject." 

I urge you to read this article. The author provides documentation for all her information. That is important I think. You can listen to me but it is important for you to understand why my thoughts are valid. 



  1. Okay, I'll go read it. It sounds interesting and informative. Thanks for the link. :-)

  2. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for using my blog post as a jumping off point for your own thoughts and actions. As a blogger you know that is one of the highest compliments there is and it is deeply appreciated. And yes, it isn't easy to remember that "wherever we go, there we are" along with the energy and attitudes that we take with us. And it sure isn't always easy to take responsibility for all the circumstances in our lives (or even our attitudes about those circumstances) but I've always preferred that idea over feeling helpless and hopeless about what is happening. May the idea give you and your readers as much comfort and clarity as it does me. ~Kathy


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