Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yes, I am a Contortionist because My Foot is in my Mouth!

I have spent more time responding to comments than ever before. I did that while twisting myself into a pretzel.

Yesterday I misspoke on a blogging friends blog in what I saw as the need to speak up for him. Then, not satisfied to make my feelings know there, I went on to write a post about my comment on my own blog. I was not kind which is not a good thing.

My readers were quick to point out my mistakes. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for my readers. Without them, I would blunder around in the wilderness seeking heaven knows what.

So here I am doing my best contortionist moves. My knee is jerking, my face is red and my foot is in my mouth! WOW!


Note: I do stand by my feeling that commenting with a less than kind opinion should not be done anonymously. I don't know if I can remove the anonymous option from this blog but I will try.

Be well everybody!


  1. I usually read all your posts but somehow missed this whole brouhaha and had to go back and read it all, including all the comments. I still don't see what all the fuss was about. :-)

  2. A major misunderstanding, that is all. Happens. Nothing major in the grand scheme of things. :)

  3. Well, you are both goes one and, if you don't get it, all I can say is you had to be there. Silly stuff!


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