Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dear Donald Trump and the Republican Party, The joke is on you!

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English: Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please be sure to read the article about insurance companies and healthcare insurance under Obama Care:
Health Insurance Industry Rakes in Billions While Blaming Obamacare for Losses.

See, the deal is a little over 8 years ago the Republican party and all those that supported a very conservative cause (the Freedom Caucus?) did not think that an Affordable HealthCare Act was even possible. It was communist/socialist in their eyes and evil. "What is the world coming too?" they asked.

Now look what is happening. They are not repealing the plan...they are replacing it! Even at its worst, the country will still have a healthcare plan and the joke is on them. I don't think that is what they had in mind.

However, the bad thing is that insurance companies and those that are unwilling to admit that we need to take care of each other want to do away with one of the most important clauses in the original plan in the new plan. They are putting cost cutting ahead of citizens with pre-existing conditions seeking coverage. They want to do away with the part of Obamacare that did not allow insurance companies to up insurance costs when you had a pre-existing condition. Discrimination against those people with major health issues was forbidden after Obama Care went into effect.

I talked to the wife of a man whose insurance would go up to $96,000 a year if the new plan goes through. He is suffering from heart problems and has cancer. Even though he is fairly young he has been retired for a couple of years. He will need to go back to work. She said that they had a very good retirement plan and then the Trump administration moved the goal line!

Let's hope that the joke is not on us in the end! Those people that have no idea what real health care is all about may be as heartless as we suspect they are. It is really frightening isn't it?

Oh and I might add...I don't understand why they are "replacing Obama Care/The National Affordable Heathcare Act" when they could be reworking it. Are they that frightened of the name Obama? Are they really that chicken? My oh my!

One more thing...I think that the culprit in the high insurance cost is the insurance companies. They may have made out like thieves for quite a while. I said this at the beginning of the article and I am saying it again. Read this article and think about it!



  1. You're a friggin' liar. You should be banned off the internet for promoting fake news.
    The pre-existing clause stays in Trumps new health care.
    Go get a fuckin life, you loser.

    1. I love to hear from Trump supporters. It just reaffirms my belief in the truth.

    2. I might also add that the pre-existing clause stay in as long as you are poor or get into the pool soon enough. When the money is gone it is gone. I hope your health is good.

    3. And the link you supplied does not work or does not exist.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Kyle. I almost put a disclaimer at the end because I didn't edit as much as I usually do. It felt good to say what I said.



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