Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Had Something to Say...I wish I could remember what!

I ran into this flower every time
I walked to my car...I never
forgot to water it. But, out of sight
out of mind is how I really
work! How about you?
We have all walked into a room to get something and stood in the middle of the floor trying to remember what that "something" was. If you haven't done that you are an oddity. I'm just saying.

It works the same way with writing. Thoughts about important things come to me in the shower and leave me as soon as I am dry. If I could only remember one thing I would be happy. But, it seems, the creative process works that way. I am trying to gather them up this morning.

Oh, here is one:

Have you noticed that old people that were complaining about teens on their cell phones and pads texting in public or at the table are the ones texting in public and at the table? Is there a lesson to be learned here? I don't know. You tell me.

And other:

I have decided that planting flowers where the sprinkler system does not water does not work out. I always have good intentions. I try to fill in that small dry spot but then promptly forget about it and let the plant die.

It turns out I am one of those people that does the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Darn. Are you that way too?

And another:

My son sighs a lot. He is so smart and a wonderful creative thinker plus he has a country boy's common sense that makes him a good leader. I often we sigh because it makes us feel better or do we sigh because we are resigned. I don't know. What do you think?

And another:

I am so easily fooled. The fact that I am a literal thinker in spite of the fact that I am so creative, leaves me wondering what to do a great deal of the time.

A college roommate asked me to "crack the window" one night as we were going to bed. "Would you please crack the window Barbara?" she said.  I had never heard that said before. Really, put a crack in the window?

See what I mean.

And another:

I am sitting here looking as my Zemanta gadget on the sidebar of my blog. Do you ever wonder about those "keywords" they talk about so much and how that really works?

I have been talking about thinking and remembering and Zemanta gives me "Simulator makes students think while driving." Just under this dialogue are the words "creative process" and "Texting". How does it know? (I am clicking on those words so you can see what they are.)

So there you have it. I may keep a device close at hand so I can take notes throughout the day. I have stuff to say. Now all I need to do is remember what it is!

Have a wonderful day.



  1. What fun! I too forget wonderful ideas way too soon. Writing them down is the key. Your snippets are delightful. :-)

    1. The remembering is interesting too. Small things will trigger the idea again for me. I know I should write them down but I would lose the notebook immediately too. Sign!

  2. Great post B... Yeah most of my creative thoughts come in a flash and usually leave just as quickly. So I am in the practice of rushing to my study to write them down as they are usually fodder for a future post. My wife used to get annoyed when I would pause the TV program we are watching to rush to me stuy but she has come to accept that practice as much as I have come to accept her emergency toilet breaks. :)

    1. The perfect marriage bethinks! Do you and your wife sign in resignation? It seems that would be possible. :)

  3. Ha! I do this all the time! My daughter says I have the memory of a gnat. She is right! About the ideas, when I was writing my other blog, I kept a little notebook with me all the time to jot down ideas before I forgot. I even kept it by my bed. The shower? All those ideas got lost!

    1. I don't suppose it will get any better! I have decided that if a notion doesn't stay with me long enough it must be a sign!

  4. That's a lot of questions . . . but no, I don't notice old people texting - I'm pretty sure they are playing Solitaire.
    Yes, I do repeat the same thing expecting a different result which means I am completely Mad. As to the sighing - I'm no expert but could it just be a bad habit? Albeit not as bad as those people who will sniff . . .
    I don't like the look of Zemanta at all but I do know you have to have a keyword that most other online writers will never think of, but that people like us will come up with naturally, like "how to remember stuff".
    RJ don't worry, if you forget your brilliant thought it won't matter because you will have forgotten it. And even if you do write it down you will probably forget where you wrote it.
    Galen, how do you know your ideas were lost? Maybe you have had the same ideas again and forgot that you have had them before.
    Oh my . . complicated life from such a few simple snippets.

    1. I am 75 and hang out with others much older than myself. Trust me, they are texting, taking pictures and looking at the internet in public! And in resorts with a view of the ocean. Wow! No solitaire in my group of friends or even anyone I see in my life. Interesting! Loved your comment. Come on back someday soon.


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