Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Gardening

I have always found a connection between growing a garden and raising my family. It may be that only a gardener would understand. It seems to me that taking care of the garden requires a love of gardening and a certain instinct for what the flowers and plants really need.

My husband and I share a garden so it sometimes becomes a tug of war. For many years he was sure that I was watering too much and was giving the plants too much food. I was positive that he let plants get stressed and hungry before he would give them what they needed.

In spite of our different views our garden did grow. Somewhere between the different philosophies was the perfect plan. In the end it seems we share a brain and it goes very smoothly now.
Auntie and Brayden
Family many years ago when
every grandchild was a baby!

We have raised a family and now have grandchildren and a great grandchild. It could that what we learned and took into our hearts during that time is why our garden grows with great gusto now. Like my children, the garden blooms and produces things that make us proud.

I like that.

So how does your garden grow?



  1. I've only been a gardener for five years, and I simply love what it gives me, especially those dirty fingernails that remind me how nice it is to play in the dirt! Oh, and the food. :-)

    1. I am sorry you started so late DJan. I still have flowers that have followed me for all of my life. When I see one that reminds me of my childhood or my mother/father, I buy it or ask the owner if I can have a start. Just walking in our small garden gives me such seems we wish the blooms to life!

  2. I've had out of town company, so I'm just now catching up on your blog. Great series of posts--very uplifting. My mother was a wonderful gardener. After I retired, I thought I would do more in the garden, but I soon realized that what I really enjoy is sitting in the garden reading--ha!

    1. I have to confess that there is a lot of sitting and reading in this garden of ours. I like that a lot.

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  4. I am a retired gardener of public places who always kept kids in mind when I trimmed junipers into turtles and Italian cypress into candlesticks and corkscrews. Your connection with gardening and families motivates many of us --not least whoever named the 1st year of school "Kindergarten".

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