Saturday, August 12, 2017

When A Picture replaces a 1000 Words!

Summers are all about family, baseball, grandchildren and so much more. Ours has been so full that I think I need to post it in installments. 

My husband and I laugh a lot. If I could remember
where this was taken we would go back!

Baseball has been so much fun this year.
We have a local team that has turned out to
be winners. Wowza!

When coloring turns into a race
but they are competitive or anything!
My beautiful greatgranddaughter!
Sweet Embrey

My husband HAD to build a was 97 degrees outside.
My family went whitewater rafting. I am
on shore with the giant dog.
Dog sitting for the granddog is
part of the summer fun. This
little block of a dog is so much fun!

Getting the picture is hard
when the picturees are
not cooperating.
It's all about the hats!
What the heck?

Then, when it is all done, we call in the street
sweepers to clean up.

 I hope you summer is going perfectly. If you have a post about summer, leave a link in comments!



  1. I guess any post I write with flowers in it is an ode to summer. I wake up every day, grateful that the weather is warm, the crops in our area are coming in, and there is no ice to slip on or snow to shovel.

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