Monday, November 13, 2017

My Thoughts on Football becoming the Good in our Country

The inside of the tiny library my
husband built for our neighborhood.
We decided to be the good in
our world. How about you?
I am not a fan in any way but I do want to let you know that it is on the TV a lot here at my house. In fact I know more about it than I need to.

Lately...doggone seems that there is a film of discontent hanging over the whole thing. I used to enjoy not liking football and yelled at the TV a lot on Sunday afternoon.

Football came into the conversation last night at dinner. A friend brought up the professional football players rebellion that has become part of the pregame ritual. First kneeling during the national anthem then standing but kneeling before. There is a video going around that has been digitally altered to show ballplayers burning the American flag. I suppose there is a lot more of which I am not aware. I simply did not want to think about it.

But then my friend had an idea that really got my attention. In football we have a group of greatly admired men in a position to do something good for their people. I for one would like them to join together a movement that could help someone in the USA. I for one would join. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Does that make sense? The election is over for a year now...the time has come for all of us, including professional athletes, to become the good in this country and that good should be inclusive and polite. I think that professional ball players might be the very place it could all begin.

So, do you have a connection with one of those men? I don't but somehow we need to get their attention. We need them to help those of us that have no voice or influence.

Pass the word my friends. I am waiting.

Oh and please tell those men that the American flag belongs to the American people. The President has to salute it because we expect it just like we expect them to stand and be proud of their country no matter how flawed it is.



  1. I don't know any of them. I think the idea is a good one.

  2. Hi Barbara! No I don't know any football players either. But I strongly support the idea of us all doing as much good in the world as we can. And I LOVE the little local book nook that your husband built! ~Kathy

    1. I enjoy it a lot. I can share and still have access to some very good books. It has been a lovely addition to our neighborhood.

  3. Um, I have to admit that I pay almost no attention to football. But my impression is that professional athletes by and large are not good role models ... although, as you say, they should be.

    1. They could be. I do know a young man that was a professional player. He was so cool. But I have long since lost contact with him.

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