Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How Do They Know or When the Gas Man Cometh

Life here at my house continues to be a little wonky! Nothing has changed...ever. That my lovelies is why I am NEVER surprised.

See the thing is we just sold our Park Model and the money was passed to us this morning. We scheduled the event day before yesterday. That was the day that we received notice that our new electric fireplace would be delivered before 8:00 pm today. Money and a new fireplace can add up to some pretty ominous stuff.

I should have felt the universe lining up all it's little balls and putting them in it's cannon. It knew something was up for sure.

I woke this morning feeling so cozy and warm in my bed and could only think how wonderful a hot cup of coffee would be and wandered into the kitchen to get a cup. As I passed the thermostat I noticed that is was only 65 in the house. A bit chilly but if my husband forgot to turn the furnace up, perfectly normal.

It is really cold in here,  I announced softly in my morning voice. No kidding he replied sarcastically. That's when I realized that the universe had taken it's best shot. Our furnace was not working. The temp was in the 30's, very cold for us here in Arizona.
Snow on the Catalina Mt. Tucson AZ

A new fireplace...hmm...the furnace stops...hmmm. Why am I not surprised.

There was a lot of thermostat wiggling and outdoor breaker panel fanegalling and then a long ladder was placed against the side of the house. Discoveries were made and the conclusion was that when the gas man came yesterday he did not turn on the gas...he turned it off! (He will be here sometime today to turn it back on we are hoping.)

Why am I not surprised? Did I tell you about the time that the stove unplugged itself in the middle of a party...?

Hope you are warm. We live in Tucson so we will not freeze but still!



  1. These are the events that get to me - when trades people make an error like that. I expect more of them. When I built the house 16 yrs ago, it came to light that the septic pump had not been connected. The septic guy thought the plumber would do it; the plumber thought the electrician would do it; the electrician thought the septic guy would do it. I guess it was no one's job because that's who did it!

    1. "No ONE" lives at our house too. It turns out the furnace decided not to work as a result of being turned off. We had a guy on the roof at 7 pm last night. The gas company really messed up and will hopefully pay for the repair man. Wish us luck!

  2. Didn't know it got so cold in Arizona; but it sure is beautiful!

    1. 29 degrees last night. We all have big blanket to cover our plants and our beds. Just one night of that cold weather and a lot of damage can be done. Merry Xmas Tom.


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