Saturday, April 28, 2018

It's a Secret: Our Arrival Time

My husband and I flew home for our 6 months in Oregon this last week. We fly Southwest because they allow us 2 pieces of checked luggage We have figured out how to get everything we want for the next 6 months into those suitcases. In fact, I think we might be able to travel with less if we needed to do it. Our life is good.

But, as Gilda Radner would have said, "It's always something!" and it was. I am sure you know that a Southwest flight had an engine explode recently. As a result, every plane in the business is taking care of their engines, canceling flights and keeping us safe...and safe we were.

 View from our
Oregon home front door.
Our flight was canceled in Tucson Wednesday morning, we were put on a different flight and routed through Los Angeles, Oakland and then on to Portland. It was not bad at all. Really! I just did not care.

But in all of this shuffling, I became aware that not one time did the airline tell us when we would arrive at our destination until we were ready to take off. If we had been flying on our original ticket I would have known but as things changed...not so much. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention but was not on the reader board and it was not on our boarding pass. Has it always been this way?

I had to laugh because all I was thinking was 'no promise made/none to break!'

We went along willingly to places we were not sure of and arrived at 7:00 pm instead of the 2:00 pm we had counted on. A birthday party was rescheduled to Sunday but other than that there wasn't much inconvenience. Our son and grandson were waiting for us when we arrived. It was wonderful. husband and I received 2 vouchers for $200 each to use in the future on Southwest. I suppose we were well compensated.

It truly is "always something". Travel is always an adventure,
at least for us. And when we compare the journey we made each year for many years in our car from Arizona to Oregon, the 5 extra hours is nothing.

How are your travel plans working out?


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