Friday, April 20, 2018

When the Snow Birds Go Home

May in Oregon Summer Vacation begins
with Mother's Day 
Great Granddaughter Embrey at less than one year. Mother's Day

4th of July parade with family.
...the people all over the United States that live in a place that attracts winter visitors can reclaim their world. For us all, snow birds and warm climate livers, life is good.

Whitewater rafting in July.
The golf courses are empty and snowbird hangouts can go back to their real life. One man asked my husband when we are leaving. Next Wednesday is our departure date. A party is scheduled for the following Sunday. They will celebrate when we go home and we will celebrate when we get there.
Trip to Santa Fe in November

Arizona Townhouse remodel Sept. to April 

Great Granddaughter born in January in San Diego

Arizona Garden in April...we return
to Oregon next week to begin it
all over again!
I love our rhythm of life. Luck will have us repeating this cycle many more times...fingers crossed.



  1. Maybe one day, for my husband and me - who knows what the next part of our lives will bring. It won't be this year, or probably next, but that only gives us more time to prepare. Maybe one day that "they left" party will be in our honor.

  2. I love the snow birds but I am always happy to have the pool to myself all summer long!

    1. I understand what you are saying...I have heard that many times before.

  3. I guess their attitude toward snowbirds is the same as the rest of us toward vacation -- love 'em when they arrive, and love it when they go home!

    1. So true...I am ready to return to Oregon in April. I have had enough fun!

  4. We have our bags packed, ordered Uber and had to send him home and played one last round of golf. Dinner out for 50 percent off...the beat goes on. Thanks of commenting guys.


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