Monday, January 7, 2019

Are You Afraid to Show Your Face?

Living as I do, in the way back machine, you have to know that almost everything that I have done, I have done forever. Blogging has been an avocation for over 10 years. That is not important until you begin to think about what has changed in all those year. Then that short period of time can seem like 100 years in a human's life.

Now, answer this question...were you afraid to show your face on the internet 10 years ago? Would you have created a video so people could see how you look and act...wrinkles, double chins and all? Would you do it today even though you would not have done that a decade ago? What would have stopped you?
Me today, no makeup and I don't recall
combing my hair. Yikes!

I was asked to do a video interview many years ago by a fellow blogger and a podcaster. I suppose that in this day and age that same type of thing would be done on You Tube. I don't know.

When I respectfully declined, she told me how good I looked and my words in my blog sounded reasonable and I seemed to know what I was talking about. I was flattered but still said no.

She had no idea how long it takes me to gather my thoughts or even take snapshot to use online. It is not easy!

The real me on a bad day taken in 2018!
Me on a good day take maybe 3 years ago.

See, I have this image of myself: confident, perfectly combed and made-up, smart, outgoing. But, if I were to let the whole world see the "real" me, there might be someone that did not share my opinion of myself and say so out loud. I'm just not that tough and I am easily angered.

Maybe someday I will venture out into the video world but not quite yet. I know...tic toc tic toc...I am not getting younger. This could be the year when I will think up something to say that you will want to hear, have a good hair day so you can stand to look at me. We will see.

So, are you afraid to show your face? Where you afraid when you first started blogging? I am interested.


PS In my defense I need to tell you that I cannot let men follow me on Facebook if I do not know them. I have had some really bad experience that totally creeped me out! That may be what is stopping me.


  1. I've made a couple videos but mostly leave my actual face off them. I'm determined to show more of me, though. Of course, I'd love to lose a few pounds first, but that's just a lame excuse. Absurd for someone who has a SAG card.

  2. Oops, as a man I hope I don't creep you out. I was initially very wary of the internet in general, blogging in particular (which is why I used a penname), even going on facebook, for fear of the lurkers, the insulters, the crazy people. But it's become so common now that I don't think it matters anymore. BTW, I always inspect my hair right after I get out of the shower, when it's still wet ... that's the only time it looks more brown than gray.

  3. I hate doing videos - tried a couple of quick ones but felt really exposed and awkward. I find it hard to get a good photo too - my profile pic stays the same for at least a year (and I use it everywhere) because it's so hard to get a decent shot. I also was completely anonymous on my blog for the first 6 months and never commented on blogs before I had my own - fear of the scary internet - now my life is an open book and that's okay with me.

  4. I am routinely shocked when I see my face in an unguarded moment... or on Facetime. Yikes! I look at people my age (early 60s) and don't think "wow, they are all wrinkly." I see the whole person, not just the parts that are obviously aging. I wish we could be kinder to ourselves.

  5. I don't do videos, but I do regularly update my profile pictures so my face is 'current', so to speak. However, I DO NOT venture outdoors to shop, etc without my make up. I don't wear a lot, but I always say that I need to apply my lips as I have none and I do like a little mascara.


Leave your thoughts...I am interested.

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