Thursday, May 16, 2019

Finding's a miracle!

Did you know that the sun comes up really early in the summer. Honestly, if you leave your blinds open, the sun will work better than an alarm.

Think of the time one has available when you get up with the sun. There is time to clean and visit with a baby and cook and even work on a crossword puzzle.

AND it is not even noon yet. There is more time. There is even a slot open for blogging and working on a children's book. WOW, who knew how much time there was is in the day when rising with the sun.

I may even give it a day at a!

When or where do you find time?



  1. I am an early early early bird - have been for years. Love it. after I've worked a few hours I sit outside and watch later birds come to my feeders. My problem is - I can't sit on the couch eg to watch a video with my husband after 7pm - he complains about the snoring.

  2. There's still only 24 hrs in a day. To me, it's a matter of using the time at hand. I do my best work and thinking in the morning when I'm fresh. I'm learning to pace myself. Sometimes that means having a rest then getting at that last task in the evening now that the daylight hours are longer. Spring brings a long list of things to do after a long winter of putting more wood on the fire and reading.

  3. I love Spring and Summer as those are the times I wake up with the sun. It comes up about 6am now and I am ups with it. I get my best and most creative work done in the morning. All my blogging occurs during those hours along with most of my photo portfolio work. By the time noon comes around I am ready for all the less cerebral stuff like mowing, gardening, and working on my homemade RV. My micro-RV as I call it is kinda like a "boat in the basement" project in that I spend much more time working on it than I actually do using it. But that's ok as that is what gives me joy and joy is my top priority now.

  4. I love waking up naturally with the light. One of the best pleasures of retirement!

  5. I think it must depend where in the world you live. The sun here in North Yorkshire is rising at 4.30am with first light an hour before. We have invested in blackout blinds!


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