Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Garden Lime and the Comics

My Impatiens have quit blooming. It is driving me nuts. I can't explain why this sort of thing is important to me but it is. It is not that I cannot live with flowers that do not is that I cannot stand not knowing why.

I have a testing device that tells me if there is too much rainfall which is tainted with carbon dioxide resulting in carbonic acid in that rain, sun and wet soil. When I tested, things were too wet and the pH is so low I am surprised that plants grow! Knowing is a good thing. Less water, more sun and a good dose of something, maybe garden lime. Using the Irish proverb as my guideline, I know what I can and cannot do...moving the sun, for example is impossible and we have less and less control over acid rain. But, I do have a sack of garden lime (if that is what I need).

So how does this all relate to the comics...let me see if I can explain the connection that I see.

Do you read Doosesbury? If not you really should find last Sundays strip. Here is a small portion of the total strip.

From Doonsbury, July 21, 2019, G.B. Trudeau
Gary Trudeau is one of my favorite...irreverent and always spot on. Frighteningly so. We know the mess we are in. We know what can and cannot be changed. It is not about the sun or the water...but the acid is another thing. When not in balance, your pool water for example will burns your eyes and suck the moisture of out of your skin. In your garden things will turn brown or never grow and will in fact die. It is very important to have just the right amount of acidity. Not enough the the alkali in the water will be too high. Too much acid will neutralize all the alkali. In our world acid rain (the man holding the office of President in our country) is winning and it is not good.

The air reeks of acid. So this is what it boils down to...are you betting on the Democrats or the cornered rat. Of course I am backing the doofus because I am pretty sure that the rat not up to any good.

When I read this, all I could think was, "Do you suppose some garden lime would get rid of the rat in the corner...nothing else seems to be working?" The way things are going our Impatiens may never bloom again. I want to know why.

Thoughts anyone?


Note: Symptoms of low PH....other symptoms...include wilting leaves, stunted growth, blighted leaf tips, yellowing of foliage or other leaf discoloration and poor stem development.

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