Monday, July 15, 2019

What does your word bubble say?

Or do you even have one of those.

Around the campfire the other night my daughter asked my granddaughter what her word bubble would say if we could see it.

I had never actually thought about my word bubble. But I am sure I have one because I know I am generally not thinking about what I am saying or doing or looking at. There would be a lot of words up there.

My granddaughter looked puzzled. She did not know what she was thinking. She was, in fact, simply living.

Living in the Moment
Meelie thinks about what she is looking at or saying...period. Adults have a hard time doing that. What she does is called living in the moment. Hard as we adults try, thoughts about past things or future problems fill our minds. Actually totally enjoying the moment is hard to do.

So, my thought is, in our effort to live life in the now, we need to take a lesson from an 11 year old. The tree, the cabinet or even the tv show is about the now...enjoy the now. The past does not exist and the future is unknown.

Just a little thought for the day!



  1. That is a fun concept to think about, our word bubble!

    1. What do you think Haralee...what is in your bubble

  2. My word bubble says, "How the heck did I get this old?" :-)

    1. Oh yes, I know what you mean. But I would not choose to be any other age...I like being 77.

  3. This is so true. We do ponder about what's ahead of us or what has happened in the past. I think this is good mantra and something I need to remember to do too. If I had a word bubble it would be Ta Da! xx


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