Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Snowbird Lifestyle: Is it more a Necessity than a Luxury?

Oregon in October

San Xavier Mission (s. Tucson AZ)
The weather report said:
  •  temp. 59, 
  • air quality good, 
  • wind 6 miles out of the southwest, 
  • next sun: NEVER! 
That, my friends, is why we are snowbirds. Even today we have people ask us why we leave beautiful Oregon. Yes it is beautiful but....

Here is where I reinforce the notion that for the aging senior, a few months in the warmer weather is not a probably will improve the quality of you general health. It may be a necessity. You can move about more because your pain will be less. Cold weather can have a severe impact on your breathing and even mental health. The warmer you body the less your heart and lungs have to work.

In an article written for the Inspiyr website called 5 Reasons Warm Weather is Good for Your Health Sydney Epstein sited some interesting reasons why that is so. It seems that all the usual reasons applied. The sun is good and being physically active is so important. But the fact is that people in warmer climates benefit in other ways.

Our memories improve when your body is warm and your heart has to work less to keep you blood pressure under control. Epstein also pointed out the there is a safety issue involved. Usually it does not snow in warmer climates. Dry sidewalks are good...falling is bad!

And then, in my view, there is our mental health. Dementia is always a problem with people that are aging. Keeping that problem at bay is reason enough to stay active and involved.

In most cases snowbirds are very socially active. We all know loneliness among seniors is a problem. But even in the very inexpensive senior locations, social activities abound.

The author of this article has listed some very good references if you need more information.
Head on over to Inspiyr and see what you think.

Do you feel better in warm weather?



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